Drupal 8 – Editing content and other content options


At some point you will need to change something about a piece of content that you’ve posted on your site. The process for editing content is nearly identical to the process for creating it, the only difference being the need to find the content that you want to change. To find content, click the Content link in the menu at the top of the page.

The Content page lists all of the content that appears on the site and is filterable by published status, type of content, language, and a title search feature. To edit a content item from the list presented on the Content page, simply click the Edit button for that item and Drupal will display the content editing form for that item. If you are on the page where the content you need to change resides, and you are logged in as a user who has the correct permissions, you will see View, Edit, and Delete tabs.

In the right column of the content editing form, we modified one of the items—Promotion Options—before we saved our new content item. Let’s look at this and the other options associated with a content item before moving on to more advanced content topics.

  • Click the Edit tab next to the title of the content item you just updated and examine the items in the right column:
    “Create new revision” check box
    Menu Settings link
    Comment Settings link
    URL Path Settings link
    Authoring Information link
    Promotion Options link

The options associated with each of these items are described in turn in the sections that follow.

Revision Information

Have you ever made a change to a document, saved those changes, and then realized that you made a mistake and need to “undo” the changes you made? Have you ever realized this after closing Microsoft Word, when it’s too late to revert to the document in its pre-changed state?

There will come a time when you or someone else makes changes to a content item, and you’ll wish you had a copy of the content before it was changed. Drupal solves this problem by providing the ability to create a new version (copy) of your content when that content item is changed. Edit the sample article you created in previous steps and check the “Create new revision” check box in the right column. Enter a description of the changes that you made in the “Revision log message” field.


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